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Reading About T18

Readings for Parents new to Trisomy 18
MEDLINEplus Encyclopedia - Trisomy 18
eMedicine - Trisomy 18
The Problem of Decision Making While In Shock
Comprehensive Clinical Article Describing T18
Information on Accuracy of Maternal Serum Screening Test
What to Expect from Genetic Evaluation and Counseling
Information on Obstetrical Ultrasound
The 18 - 23 Week Ultrasound: Risk of Chromosomal Defects
Article on FISH Tests
Trisomy 18 Mosaicism
Information Regarding Chromosomal Abnormalities in Multiples
Environmental Causes of Human Congenital Malformations

Readings for Parents Saying Goodbye Early
Surgical Management of Abortion
Therapeutic Abortion
NYTimes Article: After Ending Pregnancy, Ripples of Pain
Saying Goodbye Early Booklist

Readings for Parents Carrying to Term
"Old Eyes"
Info on Polyhydramnios from March of Dimes Site
Car Seats for Children with Special Needs - Premature Babies
Holding Your Baby Close ~ Kangaroo Care

Readings for Parents with Living Children
Exceptional Parent Magazine
Enteral Nutrition ~ A Five-Part Series on Tube Nutrition and Transition to Oral Feeding
A Family Guide to Common Terms Associated with Managed Care
What Do You Mean It's Not Covered?
You Are Not Alone
Trisomy 18 and Hepatonlastoma
Management of infants with large, unrepaired ventricular septal defects (VSDs)
Resources for applying for Social Security Income(SSI) support for a disabled child

Readings for Parents who are Grieving
Love Never Dies
Loss and Grief
The Journey
How to Help Your Children Grieve
Rights of Parents When a Baby Dies - Choices or Mandates?

Threads of Hope Bible Study

Readings for Parents who are Trying To Conceive
NY Times on Study about Risks of Subsequent Pregnancy Too Soon
Study Links Chromosomal Errors to Common Ingredient in Plastics

Readings for Professionals
When a Child Dies - For Medical Professionals
The Perinatal Hospice: A Logical Extension of Care in Dying
Rights of Parents When a Baby Dies - Choices or Mandates?


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