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Common Questions

by Heather Morgan

Birth Plans
For registered users only. Below are links to birth plans for various situations. Many families here have found that preparing a birth plan in advance has made their experience at the time of birth much easier and much more special. If you have a birth plan you'd like to share, please contact admin -
Birth Plan for Jeremiah Edward
Birth Plan for Abigail Rose
Birth Plan for Jeremiah David
Birth Plan for Kathryn Rachel
Birth Plan for Grace Anne
Birth Plan for Abigail Grace
Birth Plan for Gina Prayer
Birth Plan for Audrey Grace
Birth Plan for Priya Brane
Care Plan for Jordan Davidson
Birth Plan for Olivia Grace
Birth Plan for Ethan James

Comfort Care
Making the choice to provide comfort care for your child requires understanding all of the issues for yourself as well as how you will explain those decisions to those around you. There are several threads on this topic on the Carrying to Term private Board.

Having a Trisomy 18 diagnosis presents us all with a complexing array of moral and ethical questions. Regardless of the final decisions that we make, we struggle with these issues sometimes months after the fact. There are threads on both the Saying Goodbye Early and the Carrying to Term boards about whay those parents made the choices they did and how they feel about them afterwards. If you are interested in reading these, please request access to both private boards, and then after making your chioce, remove yourself from the appropriate one.

How do you make the choice as to whether or not to have a c-section? Are most T-18 babies born by c-section? there are several threads about this topic on the Carrying to Term private board.

Questions of faith – why did this happen to me, how do I cope with what has happened – plague us all, regardless of our religious persuasion. The Remembering a Child board contains several threads about this subject, or you can start your own.

Funeral Information/Memorial Ideas
Coping with funerals and coming up with memorial ideas and ways to prepare to remember our children are just some of the challenges we face that we find ourselves often completely unprepared for. There are some of our collective experience on the matter in the Remembering a Child section and on the Carrying to Term private board.

Grief wears many faces, and ebbs and flows in response to both understandable triggers (like holidays) and confusing reasons like “Today is Tuesday”.

The Journey, an allegory about what grief is like.

There are many threads in the Remembering A Child section dealing with grief.

How to talk to others
Whether you are a parent trying to come up with answers to your co-workers or neighbours' questions about your pregnancy or your newborn child's health, or if you are an extended family member or friend trying to figure out what the right things to say are, read on!

Suggested areas to look include the Remembering a Child board, Carrying to Term board, Saying Goodbye Early board, and the Extended Friends and Family board.

There are many threads on this topic in the Subsequent Pregnancy board.

Deciding whether or not to induce can be a difficult chioce. There is discussion of this on the Carrying to Term board.

Older Children
How do you explain your trisomy child's condition to your older children? How do you deal with their grief whilst dealing with your own? When should you tell them, and how much of the truth are they able to cope with?
There is information about this on the Carrying to Term board, Remembering a Child board, and the Newly Diagnosed board.

Subsequent Pregnancy After Loss - Fears and Questions
Even thinking about trying to conceive is frightening for some of us after losing a child. For some the decision is thrust on them quite unexpectedly with a new positive pregnancy test. Either way, there are questions we've all asked in the past that are discussed on the Subsequent Pregnancy board.

last updated January 17, 2006

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