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3. Connections: Private Boards 
Author: Keith
Published: 2003/10/2
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"Specialty" Private Boards are those whose on-topic criteria are limited to a smaller group of individuals – these postings do not pertain to information that everyone will need during their own journey, depending on their choices and other affiliations. As such, the boards can only be accessed by those who have been screened by the moderators and found to fit the criteria for these Private Boards. This guarantees that these discussions are protected and held in a private area, allowing for greater support and depth on these topics than would be possible (or advisable) if discussed in the Community as a whole.

Use the private board access page to sign up for your specialty board.

Current Specialty Boards

Saying Goodbye Early This private board is for parents of a T18 Child only on topics related to choosing of the option of saying goodbye early with other families who have made that same choice. “On-topic” posts will focus on questions and concerns (emotional and medical) about what is involved for those committing to this path with your child and issues specific to grief or subsequent pregnancies after this choice. Any parents who have made this decision in the past are welcome to support other families within this space.

Carrying to Term This private board is for parents of a T18 Child only on topics surrounding the option of carrying to term after a prenatal diagnosis with other families who have made that same choice, or are currently in the midst of their pregnancies awaiting the birth of their T18 child. “On-topic” posts will focus on questions and concerns (emotional or medical) about what is involved in committing to this path including such issues as high-risk pregnancy management, birth plans, taking a newborn T18 baby home after birth, hospice and DNR considerations, and the joys and sorrows inherent in this choice. Any family who has made this decision in the past is welcome to support families within this space.

About subscribing to both boards above...
Some parents find it helpful to temporarily access both boards while making their decision. We ask that those who do this remove themselves from one of the boards as soon as they have made their decision in order to uphold our commitment to other members of that board. Use the private board access page to remove yourself from a specialty board.

For Men Only This private board is for Dads, Uncles, Grandfathers, and male friends who might wish to seek support for their journeys from other men in privacy away from all the mothers around here! “On-topic” posts here are for the men to decide, but have the potential to include anything related to the entire journey of Trisomy 18 for them and their families. We are looking for a volunteer Dad to moderate this Board.

In addition to the boards described above, any topic that applies to a sub-Community within the larger Community can have a Private Board created for it by Staff. Email if you have an idea for a new Private Board you would like considered. These can include Regional or City designations (i.e. New York State, California residents, Denver Residents) or private family Boards (i.e., The Smith Family, or the Anderson Family, or Wendy and Scott’s Family and Friends Board) for far-flung family members. We can also create Private Boards for different faith traditions (i.e., Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, etc) if there is interest expressed in that by Community Members and there is someone who wishes to be the Moderator for that area. These are just a few ideas . . . these are your Boards, so anything you wish to have developed here can be provided by Staff.

For access to any of these boards, please use the private board access page to sign up for your specialty board.

For more information about how private boards are displayed,
see What does that lock mean?

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