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New Features : What in the world are private boards?
Posted by Staff1 on 2003/12/3 8:58:05 (4139 reads)

What in the world are private boards?

Why do we have private boards? How do you know if you should be on one? How do you get on one?

Our Community Boards are organized by TOPIC and can apply equally to ALL community members, dependent upon the stage of their journey. All registered community members are invited to read and post on these boards.

However, some topics do NOT apply to all community members, they apply only to a smaller group of individuals. For these topics, we have created Specialty Private Boards where those who have made the same choices or are in the same situation can support each other easily. All those on these boards have been screened to ensure that their circumstances are proper for these boards. This guarantees that these discussions are protected and held in a private area, allowing for greater support and depth on these topics than would be possible (or advisable) if discussed in the Community as a whole. Current Private Boards are “Saying Goodbye Early”, “Carrying to Term”, and “Men Only” (for more information on these boards, see Specialty Private Boards).

Many new community members are not participating in a private board. Is it because they are not aware that they exist? Is it because they don’t know what type of support is provided in those boards? Is it because they aren’t sure HOW to request access to a board? Is it possible that they already HAVE access but don’t know it? (See What does that lock mean? for more information).

If you are not participating in a private board, please consider doing so. It is a wonderful way to support and be supported.

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