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Memorials Alphabetized by Child Last Name

Gabriella Abidog
December 16, 2004

Your friends at 2Wire Inc.

Aubrey Peyton Allen
July 1, 2005

You are both in our thoughts and prayers,
We love you,
Beth, Greg, Caroline, and Jackson Love

Elijah Andujar
February 14 - March 8, 2005

Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist

Theresa Andujar

Daniel Franciszek Antosiewicz
Born to Heaven June 11, 2004

Katarzyna Antosiewicz

Precious Baby Archer

Debbie Cloutier and Dave Slocombe

Paul Bradley Asplund

In Loving memory of your son Paul
With Love, Stacey and Jerome Schneider

Alyson Elizabeth Babich
May 30 - June 24, 2003

Mommy, Daddy, and Matthew
Gigi, Pappy, and Uncle Dave

Isabella Benavides
January 5 - 12, 2002

Allyson and Chris Benavides

Grace Benedetto

In honor of Grace to help all families affected by Edwards Syndrome. You all are in our hearts and prayers.
Merry Christmas
The Candotti Family

Hannah Marie Blakesley
March 9, 2005 - April 21, 2005

Jason Bogard

Priya Elizabeth Brane
Born to Heaven May 19, 2004

Stephen and Shari Lane
Rebecca Ritchey
Gilbert Schmidt
David and Elaine McCoy
Daron and Melissa Pitts
Kimberly and Steve Schrock
Lewis and Barbara Hooker
Judy Flick
Kathy Downey
Barbara Tobias
Joe Kresler
Jerry Fremoth
Orson Austin
Andrew Bazemore
Doug Smucker
Amy Neal
Chris White
Elaine and Alan Fishman
Charlie and Sadie Eger and the girls
Merita and Robert Sohn
Stephen and Cynthia Doerman
John and Sheela Geraghty
Dr. Joseph Harry and Ruth Stagaman
Julia Reitz
Patricia Rozek Wigles

Avery Joseph Bratovz
born to heaven June 19, 2004

Precious baby son of Tom and Sabrina Bratovz

Staff and co-workers at Performance Management Branch

Trevor Jonathan Britt

Lance, Jamie, and Aidan Knox

Karlee Sue Brown
Born to Heaven November 22, 2005

Our Baby Girl
Born to Heaven, November 22, 2005
Love, Parker, Robert, Mommy & Daddy

Samantha Brooke Bruggenwirth
January 21 - April 27, 2004

In honor of Samantha on her special 2nd birthday in heaven.  We all miss you and think of you daily.
Your friends at Clinco Community Credit Union

In memory of our beautiful angel.
Mommy, Daddy, Tyler and Kaitlyn

In loving memory of Samantha
From the Staff and Members of Clinco Community Credit Union
Clinton, Iowa

In loving memory of Samantha Brooke Bruggenwirth
Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven
Clinco Community Credit Union Staff

In memory of Samantha on her angel day
Clinco Community Credit Union Staff

Benjamin Cale Campbell
January 8 - February 25, 2004

In Memory of our Special Angel
Always Remembered, Always Loved
Nana & Pops
Auntie Tanya & Uncle Troy
Cousins Danielle & Brandon

Bernice Otis
Mary Gray

Clara Lillian Canfield
April 10, 2000

Still loved and remembered this Christmas
Aunt Karen

Georgia Celani
born and received by God, July 29th, 2004

Our beautiful daughter, we thank God every day for the gift you gave us.
We love and miss you sweet child.
Danielle and Mark Celani

Although your time with us was short,
the love you brought will be felt forever.
You are all in our prayers.
Pat & Judy Caveny and Family

Eleanor Celia Chosta
Born to Heaven September 28, 2005

In memory of Eleanor Celia Chosta
Melissa Lavallee

Beloved Baby Boy Clark

Even though I never gazed upon your sweet, smiling face
nor held your soft, warm body in my arms, every curve of you is imprinted on my heart. When the joyous day comes that I meet you in Heaven, I will run straight to you, my precious son, and cradle you in my long awaiting arms forever, never to be forced to let you go again. Even though you were not destined for this Earth, your heart and my heart will forever be entwined, and as long as my heart beats, you shall live within it.
Love you always and forever my precious little boy,

Dearest Grandson,
Although I never got to hold you in my arms,
I will forever carry your memory in my heart.
Love, Nonnie

Phoenix Gabriel Cook
Born to Heaven August 9, 2005

We love you and miss you!
We can’t wait for the day that we see you again.
Mommy and Daddy and Rachel and Parker

Joe and Jeannette Spann (Nana and Paw)
Uncle Joe and Auntie Anjanette and Sophia and Josselyn
Sam and Tama Hill
Jeff and Marci Holley and Kayla, Camryn and Clayton
Quentin and Carla Riling and Jessica, Kayleigh, and Grant
Don and Lori Bush
Mr. E.C. Spann
Gwen McClure
Jim and Laura Robertson
Gary and Janet Rix

Precious little Phoenix, you will be in our hearts forever.
We love you and your family so much.
Love, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Dave, cousins Ryan and McKinley

May God bless this precious life and his wonderful family
Chris and Rose Mary Longnecker

Amara-Lynn Coughlin
Born to heaven December 13, 2005

South Windsor High School Faculty

May you forever be remembered, and always be thought of.  Again, to Mr. and Mrs. Coughlin . . . My deepest condolences.
Mr. Chuck Catania

Jenna Catherine Crutchfield
January 14, 2004

Grandma Dixie
Aurora Estrada
Gladys Crutchfield
John and Ginger Morton
Susan Blumhorst

Theodore Richard Cutler
August 2004

In honor of our son Theodore Richard...
You brought us five months of immeasurable happiness, though we never knew you. We hold you in our hearts, where we will always remember you.

Nicole and Jesse Vickey
Laura Tam and Darryl Knudsen
Niki Breznock and Jason Williams
Geri Kantor
Ellen Mattfeldt
Martha McCormick Smith

Daniel Joseph DeMatteo

In loving memory of our nephew,
Daniel Joseph DeMatteo.
David and Ellen Frazier

Vicki and Dave Barkwell
friends of Ray Van Haute

The Resource Management Team at
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Anthony Hsieh (TW), Dave, Laurie, Sophia, Lauren,
Scott and Ray

We are so sorry to hear of your loss.
God bless, Ken Regan and Linda Conway

Natalie, Joe and Aidan Coughlin

In loving memory of my great-nephew Danny.
Aunt Kathy

God will surely bless you for the greatest gift that you could give this child. You were in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be.
Love, Susan and Carmen Rizzo

John and Jane Unland
Cathy and Ray Fernandez

You will be in my heart and prayers forever.
From Grandmom, Gloria DeMatteo*

Bob and Arline Kelly

Be at peace as one of God's angels.
Geraldine and Lorenzo Citro**

(*Doubled by Bank of America and Prudential matching gift program)
(**Doubled by Prudential matching gift program)

Brian Thomas DePierro
December 18, 2004

 Benjamin and Katrina White

Norma Reynolds International Realty
(Norma Reynolds, Jen Tufo, Maureen Depierro)

Cameron Wright Dillbeck

Gary and Sandy McDowell

In loving memory of Cameron Wright Dillbeck
Carol Jourdan

In loving memory of Cameron Dillbeck
Gary and Cora Lee Kelley

Noah Anthony Donnell
born and released to heaven March 8, 2004

We love and miss you very much.
You will forever be in our hearts!
Mommy, Daddy, and big brother Conner

Dawn Ryan
Georgeann Kurfirst

Thomas John Donohoe
Born to heaven December 6, 2003

Mommy & Daddy - Susan Donohoe

Sophia Catherine DuFrane
September 5 2003 - April 4, 2005

The Sendziak Family
Elinor Jentsch
Therapeutic Link for Children and Kristin Jasolka

Hailey Grace Dwyer
August 5, 2004

Suzanne Viele*
Daddy and Mommy - Timothy and Margaret

*(Doubled by Johnson & Johnson Matching gift program)



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