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Linda Redd,  "In honor of our grandson, Brayden, who was born healthy Aug. 18, 2005. Your website was wonderful from an educational standpoint, as it explained exactly what Trisomy 18 was in layman's terms.  Then I read the personal testimonials of the many families who had posted at the website and, though moved to tears, I was left with a feeling of hope.  We would survive, no matter what the outcome of my daughter's pregnancy.  So please pass on to the others in the Foundation how very beneficial it was to one person at an uncertain time in my life."

Tiffany and John Humphrey "In gratitude for good amnio results for our daughter."

Paul and Sarah Mcguffee

John and Tiffany Humphrey ~ In honor of good amnio results. Thank you for providing such a source of comfort. ~

Brian Weis, in honor of a good amnio for his daughter Zoe Weis

Heather and Martin Woodward, in honor of good amnio results for Adeline Edythe Woodward

Sharen Martin, "I am deeply touched by the stories of strength and faith of these families. I wanted to help."

Debra Cohen, "In the Jewish religion, 18 signifies 'chai' meaning life. Every parent wishes a long life for their child, us included." In honor of good amnio results for her son.

Sharon Morgan, in support of the work of the Foundation.

Amy Allen, in honor of good amnio results for her daughter. Thank you so much for the support and prayers offered by your wonderful organization. Your web site offered me the knowledge and understanding to know what I was facing with the possible diagnosis of my baby. I will never forget the support your site offered to me during this unforgetable time in my life and will continue to remember you and all the parents affected by T18 in my prayers. God Bless!!

Shahrouz Jahanshahi, in honor and memory of my late father Saeed Jahanshahi who was taken from us too soon.

Steven and Julie Nadler, honoring the healthy birth of our daughter Sofia Chang-Mee Nadler.
*(doubled by charitable matching funds from Matching Gifts Program of Black and Decker)

Ronald Braatz, in support of the work of the Foundation.
*(doubled by a matching gift from Microsoft Matching Gift Program)

Debbie and Warren Baer, in honor of Eugene Parker, Olivia Joy Klinck's grandfather, on his 75th birthday.

Maryam Najari



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