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Memorials Alphabetized by Child Last Name

Malaya Jadon Sampson

Aunt Paula Hewitt

George Theodore Sanguinetti
July 12, 2004

"George Theodore Sanguinetti ~ we will always remember him. Thank you for this wonderful website. May it continue to be a beacon for the lost in this T18 Journey."
Ana Raquel and Phillip Sanguinetti and family

Robert and Arcelia Eppler
Yvette Ortega & Joey Medina
Wayne and Deeana Tanlor
John and Maureen Patterson
Karyl Espinosa
Jennifer, Scott, Casey, and Kiera Hamilton
Friends at OneUJustWon in Oakland, CA

Gabriel Joseph Scally
Born to Heaven February 17, 2005

We miss our precious Angel Gabriel,
a beautiful gift from God.
We will always cherish the time we had to love him.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Madalin, Olivia, and Gavin

In Loving Memory of Angel Gabriel.
God Bless you and your family!
Kristin and Jim

West Toledo General Surgeons
The Randy Schott Family
John E. Bihl
Harriet Cooper
Scott Reaume
Amy Miller
Judy and Bill Spak

In memory of Gabriel J. Scally,
the grandchild of fellow Lions Club member,
Pete Zaums.
From the Bedford Township Lions Club of
Temperance, Michigan

We are thinking of his mother Jennifer and her family
during this difficult time.
From your friends at Prudential
Teri Picione, Rafale Infante, Susanne Bassman,
Rich Brugger, and Pete Zangilli*

In loving memory of Gabriel
Arlene and Gerald Brocksmith

In loving memory of Gabriel
Carrie and Bryan Dadey

Angie and Rusty Belcher
Kevin Noonan
Northwest Ohio OB/GYN Associates of Toledo, Ohio
Faith Lumbrezer
John and Alison Cayson
Dorothy and David Pakulski

God Bless your little angel -
I was very sorry to hear about your loss -
I will keep him and your family in my prayers.
Marge Ray

Brenda Steyer

(*Doubled by Prudential matching gift program)

Riley Jo Schmoldt
June 5 - June 6, 2004

Alissa Hufford
Pastor Nick and Fran Hardin
Illinois Dept. of Human Services Breakroom:
Eyvette Skibbens, Karol Schaefer, Jane Blankenship
Elma J. Logan
Michael and Bonnie Mullins
Linda Oakleaf*
Harold and Dawn Dillow
Cheryl Myers
Donna Beasley
Mona Grooms
Nikki Dye
Melissa McKey
Kelly Radenmacher
Bobbi Parker
Brook Conner
Erin Quinn
Nancy McAfee
Carol and Jim Smith
Brian and Mary Conlon
Edward and Bobbi Donath
Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd.
Kris Patel, MD
Manohar Kola, MD
Luis Caceres, MD
Son Phong Le, MD
Viren Vankawala, MD
Amanda Schmoldt

*(doubled by charitable matching funds from Archer Daniels Midland Foundation Matching Gift Program)

Savannah Joy Schumacher
December 16, 2002 - February 13, 2003

Happy Birthday Savannah

Abigail Rose Shaughnessy
Born to Heaven - June 5, 2003

Ernest and Barbara Irwin
Frances Phillips
Martha McDaniel
Marjorie Vernon
Phyllis Nankervis
Michael and Judith Shaughnessy
Lee and Faith Cherry
William and Mae Koshaba
Eugenia Guth
Eric and Kay Anderson
Gary and Emily Alter
Kris and Matt Shaughnessy

In honor of Abigail's 2nd birthday in Heaven
Mommy and Daddy - Kris and Matt Shaughnessy

Christopher Aidan Smolka
April 17, 2005

In honor of our beloved Grandson as he celebrates his first Christmas with the Christ Child.
Dick and Peggy Smolka

In honor of Christopher Aidan Smolka
Patricia Truitt

Our deepest sympathy to two wonderful parents who showed tremendous unconditional love and strength.
Love, Betty and Brad

In honor of the very brief life of Christopher Aidan Smolka.
"In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing." - Robert Ingersoll
Steve Zinder

Ebony and Thomas Boulware
Linda Kao WenHong
Advanced Studies of Medicine of Somerville, NJ
Christopher Saudek
Sean Roman
Stuart Caplan
James Tonascia and the CCT of Baltimore, MD

In loving memory of Christopher Aidan Smolka
The White Erlinger Family

In loving memory of Christopher Aidan Smolka,
beloved son of my colleague Jeanne Clark and her husband, Bo Smolka, and brother of Matthew.
In love and sympathy, Nancy Fink

In loving memory of Christopher Aidan Smolka
Gail Daumit and Ron Minsk

The Larsen Family
Jim Martau and Kelly O"Keefe
Roxanne Stambaugh
Terrie Grief
Steve, Lisa, and Leo Solga
Aruna Jayaraman
Andrew Thalheimer
Mark A. Espeland
David E. Kern
Dan, Katarina, and Julianna Smolka

Thank God you lived long enough to be baptized
and meet your wonderful family.
Love, Great Aunt Ann and Uncle Ed

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Charlie and Gayle Griffith

In honor of Christopher Aidan Smolka -
Not Gone, Simply Waiting on the Other Side
In the Arms of Jesus.
Love, The Newcomb Family

In memory of our beloved Grandson
Christopher Aidan Smolka
We will always treasure the precious few hours
we had with our wee little angel.
Grandma and Grandpa Smolka of Washington, DC

Baby Christopher Aidan Smolka-
Your uncles, aunts, and cousins
will always remember you.

"Brief is life but love is long."
-Alfred , Lord Tennyson
The Csernica Family

In loving memory of Christopher Aidan Smolka
Love, Chris and Adrienne Gonzales

You are in my thoughts.
Aunt Monica

In loving memory of Christopher Aidan Smolka
Dianne Harrington and Rollin Levin

Michael George
Shevie and David Zinder
Jim and Cynde Wood
Barbara Wood
George Seaman
Rose Shea

Bo, Jeanne, and Matt -
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
With love and prayers,
Greg, Terry, Casey and Erin

In honor of our great-nephew
Lou and Therese Kren

In loving memory of Christopher Aidan Smolka
A beautiful baby with beautiful parents and big brother -
God bless Jeanne, Bo, and Matt
for their courage and faith!
Love, Peg

Michael P. Cody
The Goldens
Jodi and Aaron Sherber

In loving memory of Christopher Aidan Smolka
Jessica Yeh and Nae-Yuh Wang

Elizabeth S. Stein
Philip and Jeanne Clark
Kathy Horak and the Look AHEAD Intervention Team

Please accept our deepest sympathy
Richard and Deborah Kren

With our deepest sympathy
Rosa Crum and Richard O'Brien

In loving memory of Christopher Aidan Smolka.
And in recognition of the profound love of
Bo, Jeanne and Matthew. God bless.
Mark, Mary, and Ava Landis

Johns Hopkins Pro-Health Staff

Alexander Gregory Smothers
Born to Heaven - May 10, 2004

In memory of our son
David and Calleen Smothers

Aunt Jo and Uncle Phil Smith
Brian, Rebecca and Emma Carlson
Gregory and Jackie Kent
Discovision Associates
Gordon Tinderholt
Peter and Gina Tenereillo
Dianne L. Pierce
Lisa Boerum
Tracy Waite Chaffin
With love from MiMi Wanda
Gregory and Wanda Kent
Diana Hamilton
Larry and Linda Kilday
Lisa Becerra and Brian Swann
Greg and Kathleen Abel
Friends at Protection Service Industries, L.P.
Robert and Sandy Ricucci
Robert and Esther Mejia
Sheri Dando
Jamie Ann Doucette
Peter and Deborah Hewitt

Jackson Dane Snow
Born to Heaven November 12, 2003

We miss you Jackson
Grandma and Grandpa Whitman

Benjamin Thomas Spanier
January 7, 2003

In Honor of his 3rd birthday.
Jason Vander Eyk

Mary Katherine Stickell
Born to Heaven June 2, 2005

In loving memory of Mary Katherine – daughter, sister, friend, angel. You are forever in our hearts and prayers.
Love, Scott, Danielle, Cole and Gavin

In loving memory of your precious daughter.
Our heartfelt sympathy to wonderful parents and a big sister who showed unconditional love and amazing courage. We love you so very much and pray for you during this time.
Tom and Christy Kesling

Faith Isabella Stubson
Born to God November 16, 2004

Mommy and Daddy

Daughter to Betsy and Brian, and baby sister to Ethan
Born stillborn November 16, 2004 at 7:31 am.
She weighed 2lbs 7 oz.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family during this difficult time.
Elizabeth Heidemann, Ann Eklins, and Darla Johnson

Jennifer Eckert

Sakura Yukino Sumner
February 27- July 26, 2004

Oh little body, do not die. The soul looks out through wide blue eyes so questioningly into mine, that my tormented soul replies: "Oh little body, do not die. You hold the soul that talks to me, although our conversation be as wordless as the windy sky."
- From 'A child ill' by Sir John Betjeman, 1964

For our precious child,
Edmund and Yuki Sumner

In honour of our very, very special daughter Sakura's
first anniversary (26th of July).
Edmund and Yuki

Elizabeth Taylor
January 31, 2005

In memory of my niece, Elizabeth, on her birthday 1/31/05.  We were blessed to have her in our lives for 5 weeks.  Aunt Missy, Uncle Chris, Nicholas, Preston and Kelsey.
Melissa Heffernan




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